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Parazelsus Indonesia Logistic

Supply Chain Management around Indonesia

Every day, our CDC (Central Distribution Centre) monitors the stock level of 24 branches. We also provide orders to suppliers to achieve the best stock level and guarantee that our branches always have enough stock for selling.
Parazelsus Indonesia prides itself on delivering quality warehousing and distribution service to its customers. With the most modern warehousing & distribution centers around the region supported by state of the art processes and systems such as warehouse management systems, Parazelsus Indonesia can provide the clients with a service that adds value to the business. Pioneer initiatives are currently under way for Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) services to outlets. The benefit provides a closer link to the customer and greater depth of management information as well as more efficient inventory levels across the extended supply chain. Parazelsus Indonesia maintains 4 types of warehouses: ambient, cool, chiller and freezer warehouse. In the warehouse a climate controlled area specifically designed for Pharma products designated by dedicated staff that will be trained to meet Pharma's specific needs. The warehouse operates on SAP Warehouse Management System and has a high warehouse/storage standard. Parazelsus Indonesia will provide an exclusive warehouse area for suppliers and clients products and exclusive staff to manage the business. This will provide suppliers or clients with higher standards of service than those of current distributors which allow transparent cost.
Cold Chain Capability
Parazelsus Indonesia operates a fully validated cold chain distribution based on WHO guidelines in order to exceed the stringent requirements of our multinational suppliers. Our cold storage facility is equipped with a sophisticated temperature monitoring system which includes a high/low temperature alarm function and several fail-safe features and procedures to counter any possible critical device failure. For example, key managers are alerted by SMS in case of system failure and have remote system access to restore normal function. Cold chain validation is done and regular testing is conducted using data loggers in order to continuously verify our cold chain capabilities.
Parazelsus Indonesia is responsible for handling and delivering goods to all Indonesian customers. The same requirements will apply to the return of goods. Distribution of FOC, point of sales, promotional materials, marketing printing materials, low price sales, staff orders and deliveries to supplier's or client's offices should be cost exemParazelsus Indonesia abides by relevant Indonesian transportation laws. Overloaded trucks are not allowed.
Customer Care
Warehouse and Distribution Staff Parazelsus Indonesia realises the demands of managing specialty product areas and will provide customer care professionals specifically trained on logistic business and will also become familiar with the client's product brands.
3PL Provider
It is one of the services provided by Parazelsus Indonesia. 3 PL services will be maintained by our staff who knows well about Indonesian Logistic practices can combine 'thinking globally" and "acting locally'

PT Parazelsus Indonesia
Menara Jamsostek 22nd floor, suite 2206 Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto No. 38 Jakarta 12710, Indonesia
Phone : +62 21 5228338 Fax : +62 21 5228337
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